Art Stories: Evening contemplation in a chilly howling wind
Evening contemplation in a chilly howling wind
Wieczorna zaduma wśród mroźnych wichrów

Cold, blustery November nights out on vast Yorkshire scars don’t welcome many people. One would need to be an eccentric to venture into the wretched outdoors on their own volition. That evening, an artist found himself in that chilly, howling wind.

It was already dark as I was heading back to the car, carefully navigating my way through the uneven terrain. I wasn’t far from the beach, but slippery rocks were a constant reminder not to let the guard down. I stopped to shine the torch around and assess my next move… and realised just how alone I was.

No one knew I was here. I haven’t seen anyone for hours. I had no phone reception. Vast space all around me.

Moments like this clear the mind. Bring awareness. Peace.

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