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Max Morawski — about the artist

Hello, my name is Max Morawski.

I am a minimal expressionist art photographer. My work seamlessly crosses the boundaries of abstraction, surrealism and visual poetry.

My favourite subjects are modern architecture and sculpture, and the shores of seas and oceans.

My architectural art escapes human-made structures into futuristic worlds where dreams form reality, every shape tells a story, and bizarre edifices inspire the imagination. My abstract work lies at the fringes of reality, where shapes disassociated from their surrounding cross the boundary of the absurd.

Seashore holds a special place in my heart. My meditative seascape photographs are in a dialogue between nature and our soul. The experience of being in the presence of the boundless open ocean brings my mind into a state of elevated awareness of self and the world. In my seascape photographs, I invite your heart to glide through the vast spaces of freedom and elation in a mesmerising spectacle of otherworldly views.

Not shying away from a philosophical discussion, I believe that each of us experience a unique view of the world. That most of us live in a beautiful illusion, in personal universes separated by a thin veil of the momentary state of our perception, all of them equally real.

I believe art transforms our lives by freeing our minds from the narrow, immediate, everyday concerns that so easily can keep us shackled in the sense of urgency and immediacy. Good art keeps in focus the wider view of humanity, our planet and the direction of our own lives.

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