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Minimalist Photography Awards 2020 gold award winner

Minimalist Photography Awards 2020 gold award winner

Photographer of the Year

Long Exposure

Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon
Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon

Photographer of the Year: Long Exposure

I am honoured to be announced the Photographer of the Year in the Long exposure category. I employ long exposure techniques to achieve the otherworldly ambience in many of my photographs.

With this slow, meditative process of creation, the world seems to take a breath, chaos reveals its beauty. I can feel the horizon on my skin, the feel of water touching the shore tingles at my fingertips, and I greet the odd bird in the sky with a tear to my eye, as you would welcome your long lost dear friend.

I hope to convey the visceral pleasure of such overwhelming beauty in a minimal way, transcending the reason and reaching into the deeper levels of our beings.


Honourable Mention


Honourable Mention: Portrait

A person.

The most fascinating subject of all.

The most challenging subject of all.

The most rewarding subject of all.

This profoundly personal category challenges me to reach deep into my psyche and uncover the joys and traumas that paint my soul.

And I am hoping, maybe you will recognise yourself in these photographs as well, and will think 'yes, me too'. And we will connect in a way that only art allows us to.

Fine Art

Honourable Mention

Lake Stone Reeds #2
Lake Stone Reeds #2

Honourable Mention: Fine Art

The fine art of minimalism.

A straw in a lake.

This photograph was taken in one of those moments when I made a conscious decision to snap out of the crazy chase of life.
I took the camera, a tripod, put on warm clothes, turned off my phone and headed out for a walk in the woods, however long it would take to feel the peace come back.
Water always had a magical effect on me. As I was walking by a small forest lake, I felt the rhythm of the water gently kissing the shore. I stood there for a while, absorbing the tranquillity of this place. Somehow the camera made its way into my hands.
This is an image of peace and gentle happiness.

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