Narodziny o każdym poranku, zwycięstwo na wieczór - uniesienie
Every morning a birth, every evening a triumph — ecstasy
Straszna i kojąca jest morska kołysanka
Effrayante et apaisante est la berceuse de la mer
Scary and soothing is sea lullaby
…i wynaleziono zachwyt
…et l'émerveillement a été inventé
…and awe was invented

There are times when natural beauty transforms a place into a transcendent experience. In this place, in this instant, I could have stayed forever, enjoying the abundance of subtle activity culminating in a reverberant aura of peace, calm, and joyful liveness.

I could have existed here, feasting my eyes and my soul. Letting ocean air flow through my body. Allowing my skin to resonate with the sound of waves rushing up the pebble beach. Watching each wave take a few clattering stones as it receded.

Trzecie Słońce, Bursztynowa Zatoka, Ziy (widok zachodni)
Third Sun, Amber Bay of Ziy (looking west)
Gdzie człowiek nie stanie, lecz myśl wolna szybuje
Où aucun homme ne peut aller, l'esprit s'envole sans entrave
Where no man can go yet mind soars unhindered
✦ Origin Intermission 1
Zawsze jest słonecznie
There is always sunshine
W podziwie pogorzenia
In reverence of blaze
Otwórz swe oczy
Open your eyes

Change is eternal. Change is flowing.

Your world will not be the same tomorrow. The person you love will be different. You will be different. You breathe, you change.

Next time you inhale, open your eyes and choose what world you want to live in — right here and now, this very second. And the next second, and one after that. And tomorrow, and the day after. Embrace freedom.

There is happiness, and sometimes we weep. Then we choose. Embrace love.

Trzecie Słońce, Bursztynowa Zatoka, Ziy
Third Sun, Amber Bay of Ziy

I am sitting by the sea, silky smooth water gently touching the rocky shore. All my life is behind me. I am grateful for where it has led me so far. All my life is ahead of me. Like in the open sea, there are infinite paths I can take.

As pleasant as sitting at the shore is, I know I can’t stay here forever. I don’t know what will happen if I start walking; nobody ever does. I know I must go, as stagnation is unnatural. I know I don’t want to follow anyone else’s path if I don’t want to live someone else’s life. It’s time to trust that the sun will bless my path in its glorious, warm amber light.

My path leads onto the sea, and I know I will walk on water; I’m fiercely following my heart. May we all be blessed with our own paths to light and our true selves.

The open oceans of our planet,
suspended in a loving allowance of the cosmic void.