We all have, deep within us, an understanding that joy is our natural state of being. On our journey, we need not chase happiness as its origin is within us at all times. We are all on the journey to our true selves, but even a we are still looking into our soul for a practical intuition into this state, we may more easily achieve this delicious state of boundless happiness when experiencing the the transcendent beauty of nature.

Come, stand with me at the shore, look at the eternal sea, the ever stretching sky. Let your soul fly free. Feel the cosmos in your veins. Breathe the stars. Live free for a moment or eternity. It is your call.

Zachód słońca nad oceanem
Sunset over ocean
W nieskończoności
In the forever
Wyzwolenie (Haormeaon)
Libération (Haormeaon)
Deliverance (Haormeaon)
Ja jestem Ty jesteśmy światem
I am you are us are world
Dwa kroki od bezkresu
A deux pas de l'infinité
Two steps from infinitude

It was a crisp, bleak January day at the shores of the Baltic sea. Frosty winds were sweeping sand across the beach. The tentative glow of the sun hidden behind blue-grey clouds was basking the vastness of space in a gentle gleam. It was time to sit by a fireplace, yet here I was…
Stepping onto the wide, seemingly endless beach, I entered a different world.
The sea was whispering nearby. The beach sand was pristine, with not a footstep in sight. I had it all to myself.
Art allows me to step beyond the confines of language to enable communication of the souls. Let's together enjoy the peace and freedom of this place.

✦ Intermission Solaris 1
Czas, by odpocząć na wydmie i pomarzyć
Time to rest on a dune and dream

The uncertain, the unpredictable, and the unknown is where we live, pretending all the time that it’s predictable and known. All that’s predictable and known is the past. Anything henceforth is unpredictable. Embracing the wisdom of uncertainty is actually the doorway to creativity. (Deepak Chopra)⁠

Nie ma pożegnań
There are no farewells

Change is eternal. Change is flowing.

Our environment instilled in us fears, desires, preconceptions about who we are, what we are capable of, how the world is, how people are. We think of these as our identity, what makes us ‘us’. We hold on tight to those beliefs and can’t bear the thought of losing losing them as if that meant losing ourselves.
We hold a handful of dead leaves in our hands as we run through life. So intensely we focus on taking care of the leaves, we can’t spare a thought to look around and even see ourselves.

Change is eternal. Change is flowing. Think yourself into existence with every breath.

Gdzie olbrzymy siadają nad brzegiem i morzu śpiewają
Where giants sit at the shore and sing for the sea
Freedom of the mind.
Warm tones of this world of divine peace.
The serenity of the everlasting change of life.