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Hello, my name is Max Morawski.

Harmony with the Universe is the overarching theme in my work. It speaks of gratitude for being able to experience the natural wonders and human-made creations. It portrays the feelings of peace, freedom, elation and inspiration. It is an aesthetical and spiritual journey through the time and space we share on Earth.

An essential consideration in my work is the expression of the beautiful and fascinating world we live in. Photography is the ideal medium to achieve that goal. You can be certain that what you see does exist somewhere on this beautiful planet.

My architectural art escapes human-made structures into futuristic worlds where dreams form reality, every shape tells a story, and bizarre edifices inspire the imagination. This mostly abstract work lies at the fringes of reality, where shapes disassociated from their surrounding cross the boundary of the absurd. I ask you to believe anything is possible and express the firm belief that the best days of the human race are ahead of us.

Seashore holds a special place in my heart. My meditative seascape photographs are in a dialogue between the Universe and our soul, and the eternal and ephemeral qualities of nature. Being in the presence of the boundless ocean brings my mind into a transcendent state of elevated awareness of self and the world. In my seascape photographs, I welcome your heart to glide through the vast spaces of freedom and joy in a mesmerising spectacle of otherworldly, yet real, views.

I invite you into the suggestive, minimalist microcosmos of my art and to infuse it with your own inner beauty and joy. I make space for your sense of wonder to play with the tranquil, maybe fantastic, world of art. I make space for you to breathe deeply and let elation fill your soul.

Thank you, and enjoy.

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