Mgła, upadek, wartość
Haar, fall, worth
Po drugiej stronie mej duszy
L'autre rive de mon âme
The Other Shore of My Soul
Za siedmioma wzburzonymi morzami
Behind the roaring seven seas
✦ Faith Intermission 1
Upajając się promieniami wczorajszego słońca
Bain dans le soleil d'une fin d'apres-midi passée
Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon
Podróżujemy w przestrzeni, by znaleźć takie widoki
Nous voyageons dans l'espace pour trouver des vues comme celles-ci
We travel through space to find sights like this
Koniec męczarni, niech dzieje się. Sam wśród ciemności, wolny by być, wolny by żyć.
I'm not tormented, I let it go. Lone in the shadows, now free to breathe, now free to live.
Opowieść o olbrzymach, czarach i doskonałej szklanicy
A tale of giants, magic and a lovely pint
Spośród wieczornych mgieł przybyłem
Out of the evening mists I have come

This photograph was taken when the sun briefly broke through dark, thick clouds on a stern January afternoon. Near-zero degree temperature and punishing, steady, sixty kilometres per hour wind ensured the beach was nearly deserted.

Despite warm clothes, I was occasionally shaking. Yet, I felt happy, at peace, in an almost trance state of unity with nature, feeling blessed to be there.

This artwork expresses that uplifting, glorious feeling of belonging. It tells of the racing sea lighting my soul with a warm amber glow.

Teoria snów Senoi
Senoi Dream Theory
In meditation on the raw force of nature.
The world becomes us as we accept the divinity in all.