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Monovisions Awards

Today I received news that seven of my artworks have been nominated for the Monovisions Awards 2021 Edition. I am very pleased with this result, considering my work is frequently mono- or duochromatic but rarely black and white, and depend on the colour palette to build the intended effect.

Without further ado, these are the Honourable Mentions.


Two Honourable Mentions in the Architecture category.

Honourable Mention - Tachyon field stabiliser II

Honourable Mention - Tempestuous Technostructure


Two Honourable Mentions in the Abstract category.

Honourable Mention - Monument to the First Explorers

Honourable Mention - Thermolabilous Tetrahedrite


Three Honourable Mentions in the Landscapes category.

Honourable Mention - Lifeforms basking in the light of a setting star

Honourable Mention - Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon

Honourable Mention - We travel through space to find sights like this