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Minimalist Photography Awards

With great pleasure I have received the Bronze Award in the Architecture Category in the 2021 Edition of the Minimalist Photography Awards. This is a great follow up to receiving the Long Exposure Photographer of the Year title in the 2020 Edition of the Awards.


Third Place Winner in the Architecture category

Bronze Award - Architecture
Bronze Award - Regional Command Centre, Ziy

Fine Art

A Honourable Mention in the Fine Art category.

Honourable Mention - Mosaics I

Long Exposure

Two Honourable Mentions in the Long Exposure category

Honourable Mention - The impertinent lure of impermanence (v)

Honourable Mention - This precious stone set in the amber sea


Two Honourable Mentions in the Architecture category

Honourable Mention - Artefact ACX-2

Honourable Mention - Monument to the First Explorers II

Thank you to the Minimalist Photography Awards team for organising the competition, and all competitors for their inspiring entries.

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